Two Years with ActionCOACH

A success story about growing a family and business

The numbers do not lie, we have seen staggering double digit growth year over year with Coach Hess." Crossroad Postal Owners

Angela, John, Joey and Levi

Crossroad Postal is a full service postal center that is located in West Houston. The business was purchased in 2018 and they hired ActionCOACH in July of 2019. This is a success story of significant business, family and community growth.

John and Angela are the owners of Crossroad Postal. As business owners they understand the challenges of running a business. Honored to be their coach for the last two years, we are proud of what they have accomplished.

Creative marketing, with solid testing and measuring were key elements to the formula for growing revenue. A philosophy of continually improving the customer experience was adopted and practiced. Smiling and knowing names proved to be instrumental in our customer satisfaction testing. Angela established and maintained a culture providing an impressive positive customer experience.

The store set a high standard of cleanliness; items were strategically placed within the store to appeal to all customers senses

Levi Changes the Game

Levi their dog was put on the payroll, as an initial marketing strategy, and he was quickly promoted to be the voice of the monthly newsletter. The law of attraction was multiplied by having Levi greet each customer as they came into the store.

Through the combination of targeted social media and email marketing the traffic continued to increase. Increase community presence was a pivotal move when COVID struck, so Crossroad supported a select group of small craft vendors in their store.

A solid jump occurred when a nearby competitor closed their business on 10/28/2019. John is living proof that if you know your numbers then you know your business

"With the other competition closing nearby, it was such a blessing to have someone in our corner to help us with the massive growth we reached. We are certain that without Coach Hess, our growth would not have been as strong or as successful. The numbers do not lie, we have seen staggering double digit growth year over year with Coach Hess.”

Crossroad Owner

Tracking Your Numbers and Making Quick Adjustments is How You Grow Consistently and Predictably

A New Chapter Begins

The story for John and Angela and Crossroad Postal is coming to a close as it is planned to be sold by the end of June 2021. The owners will be taking a healthy profit from the sale and are looking forward to raising their beautiful family. John and Angela have worked closely with Coach Hess to use the ActionCOACH system to increase the value of their asset and get the results they desired.

Throughout these two years John has been employed as a Data Analyst for a major oil and gas provider. The challenges of that job have been difficult. Angela has been in charge of day to day operations, and deserves more credit than anyone for this success story. It is time for this couple to catch their breath. After the sale of the business, John and Angela will be taking a small break before welcoming in their newest additions to the family. John will be leaving the oilfield soon and will be working as a data analyst for a private company. The pace should be slower allowing more family time. Levi will still be printing books. That will not be stopping. This journey has bigger dreams and goals in their future. John and Angela have become entrepreneurs and we look forward to coaching and cheering them on to their next Grand Slam.

Experienced Professional Business Coach

Finding Success with Coach Hess

“It’s not often that you find someone with knowledge as well as personality to not only propel your business, but also your life in general. Coach Hess has an immense knowledge base on a broad range of subjects. We really needed someone to throw ideas at and strategize with. Coach Hess met that with ease. “

“As mentioned previously, he has also been there for us in personal lives. Welcoming kids into our family and running a family business is not easy. Again, Coach Hess was there to help calm our fears and worries and walk us gently through some hard times. He’s an awesome individual and we are so grateful to call him our coach and our friend.” Crossroad Owners"

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