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A simply three step process that brings massive results to your bottom-line 
The more you understand your communication style, the more you will understand how your communication is impacting others.

Family dynamics are complex and attempts to communicate and guide your children can often be difficult. Have you ever said, “that can’t be my kid?”  Empower Your Family is simple program where each family member takes a DISC Assessment. Creating a new reality where you have an empowered family that communicates and grows together.

Empower Your Family Explained

Coach Hess provides a short video overview on the timeline, agenda and outcomes of this program.

Short Story on Why To Do This Now: Several years ago my son, in his mid-twenties, took the DISC Assessment and discovered that he was an extremely high D & C.  These two profiles are very driven and analytical.  In the two other areas, I & S, he is extremely low. These profiles are typical very socially driven.  Once this became clear it made us wonder how our relationship might have been different if we knew this at an earlier age. Through trial and error we learn how to get along – but what if we are given insight into our children’s preferred styles and we as parents, teachers and coaches provide a better life experience for our kids and family.

Individual Assessment

Each team member completes a DISC Assessment, about communication styles and preferences. An extensive 40-page report is compiled providing fascinating insights on the member’s communication and motivational profile.

Simon VanDyk leader from Touchstone District Services tells about the valuable experience for his team.

Empower YOUR Team Customer Video Testimonials

Individual Interviews

You'll work with your consultant to design a clear vision of your personal and professional passions. Together you'll brainstorm career options, available jobs, and brands with aligned values to unlock new opportunities.  

Mr. President and Owner Dawda Khan of Eurmove tells about how working with Coach Hess empowered his team and company.

Team Optimization Workshop

The whole team meets for the interactive workshop, where Coach Hess demonstrates how the DISC & Motivator characteristics interact. Through practical and entertaining activities, Coach Hess teaches how to improve communications with coworkers, clients and indeed, all aspects of life. The impact on communication and confidence is immediate!

Matt Schomburg is a community leader and the owner of a nationally top rated State Farm Agency in Katy, TX. He tells you how Empower Your Team brought value to his company.

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