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Goal Setting

Coach Hess bringing you success We're talking about goal setting today and I'm just going to ask you a question real quick. Do you reach your goals by setting them, do you have them written down? So many people set goals and then they go into the drawer and don't really achieve them. Do you have goals separated into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly and so on. Those are all different types of goals and how do you achieve those?

The big thing within that is you need to think about them being smart we've all heard about SMART goals, smart goals are specific measurable achievable results oriented and time-bound but I'm telling you take it a little step further folks. Make them smartER because that's where it happens and that's ER being enjoyable and rewarding. If your goals are enjoyable and rewarding the probability of success is much higher. If the goals don't make you sweat, they aren't big enough.

Goals that are going to make you get somewhere... all right so put them out there in front of you... think about what you want to do with your goals.

How to set them but then really how to achieve them because in the long run goals eventually become habits and habits become Lifestyles. Then you're not setting goals anymore you're living a new life and that's the way to be. That's how to extend your success with Coach Hess

Dream Big Bold Audacious Goal

Coach Hess bringing you success. Have you noticed that as you age, your dreams kind of fade? They aren't as strong as when you were younger. You had bigger dreams, and then you just kind of fade along and go along. Well, let me tell you, that's not the way to do it. If you can dream it, it can become true.

So let's talk about how to make that happen around you. Big bold audacious goals way out there. Big, big things that can happen. Helicopter pad or this or that, whatever it is that you need to have dream really big and then peel the onion back. Peel the onion back into where it is, what you have to do day by day to move towards that big, BOLD goal. Extend your success with Coach Hess.

Achieving Goals

Coach Hess bringing YOU success! Have you ever found the disconnect between the goals that you set and then the actually achieving of those goals? Big difference between the two and two different things that I want to bring together right now so that you can have more strength in bringing those forward for you.

Let me tell you, you got to set some tasks that you're going to do on a daily basis to achieve a goal, whether that's a monthly goal, that's a yearly goal, or that's out five years, start to think about, what do I need to do consistently? Because those consistent tasks that you put in place and do over and over and over, then become a habit and become a lifestyle. You achieve the life you want to achieve. Extend your success with Coach Hess.

Success Formula

Coach Hess bringing you more success. What does success mean to you? We know it's a continuous progress. Well, here's a quick formula for you to think about it and may help you get further along in your path to success.

Number one is dreams. What are you dreaming about? If you dream it, it can become true.

Number two is goals. Set some goals. What do those goals look like? Remember we talked about goals that got to make you sweat. They’ve got to be a little bit difficult. They're going to be something you've got to strive for because that's how dreams become true.

And then you've got to learn. You've got to learn things to get yourself in the position to take on all the aspects of what that goal entails and how to achieve it.  So, there's learning that you've got to deal with.

And then after that, you got to plan it, plan it out. What am I going to do? Step by step. Get it in your calendar. Make sure you're achieving those goals by creating habits.

And last but not least, take action. Take a lot of action! Get busy. All right? Extend your success with Coach Hess.Input your text in this area

CA$H is King

Coach Hess bringing you success today? We're talking about cash is king. How do you handle your cash in your business? Are you keeping an eye on your bank account? And that's kind of it. Making sure you have enough to get your expenses month over month?

Let me tell you, folks, it's got to be a little bit more than that. There are four types of cash that we're going to go through in the next few series of these 1 minute sessions. Number one is revenue. Number two is profit. Number three is cash flow month over month, how that looks. And number four is equity.

All of these are important aspects of cash, and they're all different types of cash and should be looked at and treated differently. Extend your success with Coach Hess.

Revenue & Profit

Coach Hess bringing you success? Well, getting revenue in the door is probably important to your business. Are you measuring it closely? Well, I'm sure you're seeing the top line, but how do you break that measurement down into what's going on with marketing? How is marketing feeding your revenue?

How do we test and measure that so that we can get into a position of predictable profitability through our revenue line? So growing revenue is just a matter of testing, measuring, and keeping track of it month over month, and then you get the predictability of that from there.

The bottom line is about getting to your profit line, right? So, we've got to control some costs and keep track of those. A very important piece of cash. And what happens with cash as profit is much different than cash as revenue how you use that, how you extend it, how you put it into play for reinvestment in your business, and so on. All critical stuff. Extend your success with Coach Hess.

Cash Flow

Coach Hess brings you success. Do you know where your cash positions are? Probably your bank account. You're probably tuned to that, right? Well, you probably are looking at your revenue and profits monthly in your P&L statement.

Well, the third type of cash, besides revenue and profit is cash flow. What's happening to your cash month over month. Now, I highly recommend that you build at least a twelve-month budget out in front, taking your P & L and putting your actuals in each month.

Analyze these numbers closely and pay attention to the trends. And it will certainly give you the power to grow and understand your numbers so that you can continue to make great decisions. Extend your success with Coach Hess.


Coach Hess bringing you more success. We've been talking about cash over the last few sessions. King of Cash, the fourth type of cash we're talking about today is equity. Previously we've talked about revenue, profit, and cash flow.

All right, so the equity is what the value of your business is if somebody is going to buy it. So how do you grow that as a different type of cash? You often hear about working on your business versus in your business.

Well, the investment in working on your business proportionally will bring you a much larger return on investment than any other place where you invest time, although it's not the urgent time. So, what do you do with it? You tend to kind of put it on the back burner. a small investment in putting a system in place will lead to huge gains in the equity value.

A few hours early this year, in four years from now could turn into $20,000 to $40,000. For a four-hour investment by putting systems in place.

Extend your success, folks with Coach Hess

Predictable Profitability

Coach Hess bringing you more success. Predictable profitability is the goal for us. When we build businesses, and we know what we're going to make. Well, shoot, man, that makes life a lot easier. So, you can budget and plan going forward.

So how do you get predictable profitability? As a successful coach in my life, I've found that testing and measuring is critical.

So, it's simple. You test and measure against all marketing strategies, doing that maybe weekly or at least monthly.  And take a good look at that, and eventually you'll say, hey, I'm investing $1,000 here and getting $2,000 back. I think we'll do more of that.

And focusing in that way, you can establish predictable profitability. And, oh boy, let's get together. Let me guide you in some test and measuring strategies to make this happen for you.

Extend your success with Coach Hess.

Growing A/B Clients

Coach Hess bringing you more success? Are you getting the clients that you deserve? You know, having better clients come through the door makes business a lot better because those lower end clients can cost you money rather than bring you profits.

One of the key things we like to do when we're working with client databases is grade our clients ABCD, and then take the A and B clients and identify the attributes associated to them.

That's how you target up you’re marketing. Get it really sharp. They are your ideal targets. This is who we're going to market to because that's the type of client we want.

And of course, once you've got that marketing strategy lined up, you're ready to move forward with getting more A and B clients.

Extend your success with Coach Hess.