Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” - Benjamin Franklin, Inventor & Founding Father of the United States

GrowthCLUB Q4 2023 September 28th

90-Day Planning session for Business Owners to Master their Time and Money. Come prepared by completing the priority templates prior to course. Share your plans with like-minded Business Owners and gain valuable insight and contacts with all other participants. Coach Hess has a special skill of creating engaging and inspiring on-line session. We look forward to having you join this exciting once a quarter event.

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Special Guest Speaker Previous GC

Ramiro Alvarado, Owner ABBA Fitness

 I’ve run over 81,000 miles and competed in hundreds races of which most notably a 2:29 Boston Marathon. More than all the miles that I have run it was the discipline that I mastered along the way that has helped shape my life.

Owner of ABBA Fitness where Coach Ramiro has worked with over 20,000 people to reach their fitness and nutrition goals.  With an internal beacon to better his life Coach Ramiro has been on a constant pursuit to learn everything he could about fitness, weight management, nutrition, sports performance, and the mental aspect of coaching and training.

Katy Shredding Earth Day Celebration

Coming on April 22, 2023

Saturday, April 22rd at the Katy Chamber Office 9:00am-1:00pm

814 East Avenue, Ste. G, Katy, TX 77493

Save your documents and bring them to us for secure shredding

Shredding on the Go is unique. In 2010—with the help of friends and family—James Parker started a shredding business. Though James has intellectual and physical disabilities, he brings a passion for shredding, contagious smile and readiness for work that make him a natural entrepreneur. SOTG has grown into a nationally recognized disability-owned shredding company. Today, the business employs 15 team members—all of which have disabilities—each bringing their own unique gifts and unwavering determination to the business. For many of them, this is their first chance to earn a paycheck.

Amazing Ice Cream Served by Amazing People

Join us in our mission to change the way the world looks at everyone and bring happiness and inclusivity to the forefront. 

The Junkluggers, along with our amazing partners, are proud to say we’re doing something to make our world more sustainable. We are  honored to partner with our Katy community to keep useful items out of landfills. Our mission is to enhance lives, our communities, and the environment by donating, repurposing, recycling, and supporting local communities.

Bring this Green Shredding Team YOUR Documents

Check out clip to see shredding operations from 2021 event.

Masks required in area of shredding.

Visit the STOG website:

ActionCLUB OnLine is now an OnDemand Offering!

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Online self paced program that teaches learners from an established and well known process.

The ActionCLUB curriculum online is designed for business owners, their team, and new learners in 20 minute increments over 20 courses.

ActionCLUB OnDemand Curriculum

Each Session is ~20 minutes

1.       Vision & Purpose

Understand your “Why” and how to establish your company’s vision. Vision is not a goal but more of a legacy.

2.       Culture

When you have your culture defined it provides confidence in your business for employees and customers. Coach Hess shares some powerful stories in this segment about culture driving success.

3.       Setting Goals

Goal setting requires some mind set work. Find out how to set goals and then achieve them.

4.       Time Management

Time waits for no one. This segment will take you down the path of mastering the investment of your time and turning it into money.

5.       Calendar Control

Transfer your goals to an Action Plan by populating and organizing your calendar. There is a high percentage of things getting accomplished if they are on your calendar.

6.       Communication Strategies

A must segment for improving your communication styles. The golden rule is taken to a new level of understanding.  Get DISC smart and learn how to leverage for better communications.

7.       Generating Cash Flow

A must segment for improving your communication styles. The golden rule is taken to a new level of understanding.  Get DISC smart and learn how to leverage for better communications.

8.       5 Ways Chassis Strategies

Learn how to align your budget to your marketing strategies.  This session is focused on Money Mastery and the sustainability predictable profitability.

9.       Predictable Profitability

Put the 5 Way Chassis to work and see how to build a model that is predictable and sustainable.

10.   Test & Measured Marketing

.Put your 5 ways to work by testing & measuring your marketing on a weekly basis.

11.   Unique Selling Proposition

Learn how to define and leverage your unique market differentiators.  Gain insight on providing powerful guarantees

12.   Ideal Customer

Attract ideal customers by how you define and deliver the customer journey.  Great touch point marketing strategies covered in this segment.

13.   Growing Customers

Twelve areas to put in place for Delivery Mastery that will grow your customer base.

14.   Raving Fans

Learn the Ladder of Loyalty and how to create a tribe that grows your business for you.

15.   Sales Made Simple

Increase your conversion rate after taking this session. Learn how to leverage DISC for sales.

16.   Sales Management

Selling is professionally helping other people to buy.  Discover proven techniques that work.

17.   Team Building

Many business owners are challenged with getting high quality employees. Coach Hess brings his years of team building experience and a win-win philosophy to make this a special segment.

18.   Leadership

Discover the difference between management and leadership in this section. Get inspired from this segment to enhance your Winning Team.  Do you have any rituals in place?

19.   Systems

Learn step-by-step processes on how to leverage varying aspects of your business.  If you can do something once and get paid on it the rest of your life – probably a good idea to do it!

20.   Mastery

This segment will teach you how to create a commercial, profitable, enterprise that work without you.  Master your business by using the 6 Steps framework.

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Double GrowthCLUB for Q2 April 1st and 2nd. Both the Virtual and Live sessions where a tremendous success! Looking forward to next GC scheduled for July 1st.

Kicked off 2022 with Executable 90-Day Plans

GrowthCLUB and Anniversary Celebration January 8, 2022

LIve Event at The Katy Chamber of Commerce

Full day of planning, fun, great foood and beverages.


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Previous GrowthCLUB September 25, 2021

Theme: Understand How to Value Your Business

Guest Speaker Andy Erskine

Award-Winning Business Broker

Andy Provides Powerful Insights about Preparing to Sell Your Business

Katy Chamber of Commerce

Roadmap to Predictable and Sustainable Growth

Coach Hess to Present

May 27th Luncheon Meeting