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"Coach Hess is just fantastic! The energy, enthusiasm, and passion he brings help make his sessions memorable and enjoyable. All the insights and tools needed to create and lead a successful business are easily understandable with his guidance. If you're looking to grow as a business or a person, you will succeed with Coach Greg Hess."

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In just 6 sessions, you'll have the tools and strategies you'll need to guide your business to higher profits and greater levels of success. You'll get an edge over the competition. And you'll discover what thousands of other business owners already know about the impact ActionCLUB OnLine has had on their companies.

Curriculum Overview

Session 1 Setting your Vision

In this opening session we will work on identifying the direction and pathway you plan to take your company and yourself.  With a defined vision and common goals the probability of success increases immensely.  Beyond vision and purpose this session will provide a detailed look into establishing the culture of your company and rules associated with working or being a patron of your establishment. You will also get guidance on managing your time efficiently. A variety of techniques will be taught to assure you are getting the most out of yourself on a daily basis. Goal setting and daily task analysis will be highlighted.

Session 2 Generating Cash Flow – Marketing  

Instruction on proven solutions to increase cash flow will be the theme of this section. The 5 ways formula will be used as the chassis to build a powerful marketing machine for your company. This section is one of the most powerful of the whole series, as it establishes the baseline to massive profitability. Testing and measuring techniques will be used to see how your marketing is working. You will learn how to create your business' Unique Selling Proposition, along with how to put a Guarantee in place to increase customers and the amount they invest with you. We will work on how to identify your ideal customer and cater to those who grow your business.

Session 3 Growing Customers  

This session will focus on costs associated with acquiring a new customer and their lifetime value. Retaining and growing your customer base will be highlighted by learning how to leverage the Ladder of Loyalty. You will learn how to build Raving Fans that grow your business for you. We then move into the process of selling with an overview of sales approaches and techniques that bring results.  Transitioning leads into converted business is themed in this section.  The power of quality communications, learning styles and behavioral profiling will be covered to increase your sales effectiveness.  Included in this session will be standard approaches for success when handling inbound and outbound phone calls.

Session 4 Management – Know Your Numbers

Accountability through the process of building a pro forma income statement, positional contracts and key performance indicators will be the basis of this lesson. You will be introduced to creating KPI dashboards for daily, weekly and monthly tracking to insure objectives are being met. Establish a budget to actual tracking process that you understand.  If you don’t know your numbers, put quite simply you don’t know your business. You will learn how to know your numbers in this session.

Session 5 Leadership & Communications

We will learn proven techniques for getting the best people on your team and how to establish team loyalty and spirit. Leadership styles will be covered with the framework of six ways to creating a winning team.  Time will be spent investigating the co-dependence between management and leadership, along with the too many hats syndrome that makes leadership challenging. Building a business that runs on its own is dependent on the systems and processes that are clearly defined and followed. You will learn in this session how to put effective systems in place to assure work gets done and is consistent. The key understanding will be that doing something one time and then having it pay you forever will be emphasized in this section.

Session 6  Mastery Case Study

A business case study will be presented to the group at the beginning of this session. It will be each group’s mission to analysis the business and provide an action plan. The action plan will provide solutions to the problems identified during the analysis. Each group will present there solution following 30 minutes of preparation in break out group.

This session is the graduation ceremony.

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